Rearrange the jumbled sentences into a good and meaningful

The best way is to establish a link between any two or more statements. Once a link is found, you get to know which statements will come together. Then, look in the options. Select the option with those statements together.

Try to find out the topic addressed by the paragraph. This can be done by looking for the words that are repeated often in the given sentences. If a particular word is repeated in more than one sentence then the sentences can be placed one by one in the paragraph. Then the chances of that sentence to be the 1st in the arrangement is more.

If all the articles a, an, the are present as the starting words of different sentences then they are arranged as follows. Then those 3-sentences will be arranged in the following order. If the given set of sentences consists of simple, compound and complex sentences they are arranged in the following order. If a sentence starts with the words HenceFinally or Therefore then that sentence comes last in the arrangement.

Reviews 8. Be the first to rate this post. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. IBPS Guide. English Grammar Tips English Language. Sentences rearrangement questions are included in BANK exams as they Help students relate events in a logical manner Sequence sentences based on English usage skills How to tackle these type of questions? To tackle these of questions, you have to know three things.

Theme of the paragraph that might be created on un-jumbling the sentences. Initiating sentence, which starts the paragraph Links have to be found between two sentences. Once a link of this type is created, it becomes easy to eliminate irrelevant choices. How to save time while solving these types? It is very important to read selectively and search for transition words or other keywords. If a particular word is repeated in more than one sentence then the sentences can be placed one by one in the paragraph 3.

Then the chances of that sentence to be the 1st in the arrangement is more 7. Or While he waited at the bus stop, Arun realized that the bus was late. Follow Us.Generally there is a central point,idea, thought or some personality description on which a paragraph is written. Try to locate the sentence which contains such matter. Mostly such a sentence forms the first or the last sentence of the paragraph.

First in the opening sentence a central point is mentioned. In second method some facts are given in the opening sentences of the paragraph and their result is given in the concluding lines.

Try to find out the sentence containing the central idea and arrange the remaining sentences accordingly. Sentences containing proper nouns i.

Sentences containing pronouns like he,his, him, she,her, they,their, them or first or last part of a name come in subsequent part of the paragraph. Pronouns like it, this that, these or those show that these mention about the topic already detailed in the sentences preceding them.

So these sentences generally do not form the first line of the paragraph. Sentences containing words like therefore, but, and, accordingly, or resultantly etc. The first sentence of the paragraph may contain introductory details of something and the last line of the paragraph contains conclusions of some logical details given in it. Sometimes words like initially, eventually,finally,hence,ensuing,proceeding, following or mentioned below or above in the sentence also indicate the location of that particular sentence in the paragraph.

Try to sort out and arrange sentences of both types separately. This helps in framing the paragraph. Whatever the reasons may be, the effects are disastrous leading to both physical and mental ailments like insomnia, hypertension and nervous breakdown etc. If they are observed closely, this all owes to undue pressure on their mind due to unhealthy competitions and sky rocketing expectations of their parents and teachers from them.

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Nowadays,workforce is mostly multicultural, i. Experts suggest that humour should be strictly avoided because it is like a perfume and you never know when and who it will hurt.

Rearrange Jumbled Sentences for Class 10 CBSE With Answers

But one should be cautious that the image is not damaged even if our recipients do not get our humour. Exercise No. It is usual for a man to see company of those who possess tastes, tendencies and temperaments like his own. Generally people think that familiarity should breed love, mutual understanding and tolerance. They expect that coming together of two persons should bring them closer and forge the bond of kinship between them. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Knowledge Base Search For Search. There are two methods to describe the central idea. Action required for this is as follows: -Make a thorough reading of all the sentences and if required more than once to understand between the lines. Arrange the following jumbled sentences in a way so as to make a meaningful paragraph. Mention the alphabets marked against each sentence in order as answer. Was this article helpful? Yes No.There is one mistake in 13th number in starting there would not be the only mother will be there if I am wrong plz study determiners.

It is an amazing work. Very good questions In the 12th one there's no 'if' in the question but there's 'if' in the answer. Good sentences, but in the 16th question you have written cool in the question but in the answer you have written coll, plzz correct your mistake!!!

Also plz explain e the line!!!!! Learn about infinitives. Can you please tell the answer for the above question as early as possible. Thnx,try to offer some more exercises It should be disciplines instead of 'discipline'. It disciplines people to complete their work in a spirit of selfless service.

Check 16 question please and correct it as fast as you can do and your team. Thanks for helping but it would have been the best if you could have given tips for answering instead of examples.

I agree learning through examples is one best way to understand but general rules would have been even more better! Hope you consider my request! Nice one. Its very perfect not much tough and not much easy to solve. A lot of thanks to the writer. Its great some are tricky where as some are very much easy.

rearrange the jumbled sentences into a good and meaningful

In question 4 'for walk' is written together and in the answer 'a' comes between 'for' and 'walk'. This exercise is cool. But, I do request your team to put in equal efforts in other exercises like omission and editing and present to us. This would be really helpful for our exam preparation.

rearrange the jumbled sentences into a good and meaningful

Please consider my request. Instead of 'good', 'god' has been used. Otherwise excellent questions! Thank you, eduvictors! We love to hear your thoughts about this post! Thursday, 26 January Jumbled Up sentences Set Jumbled Up sentences Set Early rising is good for both old and adults. I love the weekend because I can be myself and dress down.

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Music has an important place in our lives. Urbanisation has spread its tentacles everywhere in India. Good books and magazines light up the lamp of knowledge in every home. Reshma hopes to come back to the Disneyworld for a holiday next year. Do you want me to see you off at the airport? If someone betrays you once, it's his fault.Multiple sentences are written in a random way. You have to arrange jumble sentences into a meaningful paragraph by rearranging them.

Rearrange the Jumbled Words into a Meaningful Sentence for Class 11

Jumble sentences rearrangement is a popular topic among all entrance exam. Directions for solving Questions — In this section the sentences in the middle of a passage have been removed.

You are provided with the beginning and the end of the passage and other sentences in a jumbled order. Choose the correct order that will make the passage complete and coherent.

For they make excellent salesman, they would be terrible managing directors. India lead the battle of freedom against imperialism. It is our policy that the regional language should prosper. This is possible if we are men of integrity having honesty of purpose.

For more Topics on verbal ability, please click here. Your email address will not be published. Arrange the following Jumble sentences — People want that racialism should be wiped out. Our principles are different from our profession. He will propagate his message His words will be accepted by the following generations. People should adopt it.

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Kirti Sharma Nov 22, Ravi Mariappan. What is it about prayers that attracts so many people to it? Prayers offer a lot of hope and peace of mind.

They give the faith to believe anything that happens to you. Prayers ought to be offered with honest heart. Recommend 15 Comment 0.There are example sentences to show how the language is used. Question 1. Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences. Answer: a It seems that the common house sparrow has disappeared from the city.

Question 2.

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Rearrange the following jumbled words to form meaningful sentences. Answer: a The popularity of junk food has led to the opening of eating joints around every corner. Question 3. Rearrange the following words or phrases to form meaningful sentences. Answer: a We make life what it is. Rearrange the following words or phrases to make meaningful sentences. Answer: a The oil industry depends on the forests. Rearrange the following words or ph rases to make meaningful sentences. Answer: a She is inviting all friends to her birthday party next week.

Question 6. Rearrange the given words and phrases to make meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. Answer: b They were proud, patriotic and war-like people. Question 7. Re-arrange the jumbled words to form meaningful sentences. Answer: a When the train whistled off from the station, we began to play cards.

Question 8. Rearrange the words or phrases given below to make meaningful sentences. Answer: a They had been watching television in the hall for two hours. Question 9.Jumbled Sentences are a must for good English.

Rearrange the jumbled words to make meaningful sentences

This is usually known by many names like rearranging of words, rearranging sentences jumbled words, word order exercises, make a sentence with the word, put the words in the correct order to make sentences, sentence order, sentence formation. Edumantra understands that rearranging the words, rearranging jumbled words is an art. So we are providing jumbled sentences exercise, scrambled sentences worksheets, grammar exercises pdf. This page is devoted to jumbled sentences class x CBSE.

Practice this word order in English and learn more. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences to make readable passage. Write the correct sentences in the space provided.

rearrange the jumbled sentences into a good and meaningful

Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences to ma readable passage. Dear Mounil, Team edumantra is really obliged to you for your words of appreciation. Kindly keep visiting. Dear Rudranil, Team edumantra. Thanks a lot again. A hard question hereby requires a hard answer which helped me a lot in advancing rearrangements.

Thanks for your support. Thnx fr uploading such interactive n useful questions. I support the effort team edumantra. These jumble sentences are very useful for lazy students but it helps in practice not in homework.

I must say these questions are really helpful for us. Thanks for providing us these good questions. Great and gorgeous questions. Thank you so much shailesh sir. Dear Garima, We are really obliged to you for your interest in edumnantra.

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Kindly keep visiting for newer and more interesting content. Swed Pranab Nayak Thanks a lot for your nice words. Kindly keep visiting for a better experience. Team edumantra. Super jumbled words to learn. It is very good sentences to write correct.

It is very helpful to all.

Rearrange The Words To Make Complete Sentences

By this I have got very good marks in jumbled sentences test. We have made the correction. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Dear Palak, Kindly keep visiting and we will continue to serve you with such material. Thanks for your interest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Related Posts.


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