Ls tractor 50 hour service

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ls tractor 50 hour service

Newbie here. Anyone with any feedback on LS GH tractor good or bad. About the same as the new B Kubota with a back hoe Any input would be great Ed. Mar 26, 2. I glanced at them when I was shopping. I believe they are manufactured in Korea and then assembled in the USA. As far as quality and reliability I do not know. Seemed like a nice tractor when I was looking at them. GrizzlyMar 26, Mar 27, 3. The biggest problem I've seen,so far,is parts and Dealer support.

A few have had problems with sticky pedals,and some have reported hydro system problems after only a few hours of use.

Mar 27, 4. LS is a nice tractor. Almost bought a new one- then went used. Apr 11, 5.

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Get the Kubota. Everything will need service eventually and that's when you'll be glad you have a good dealer to fix the problem and take care of you. Re-sale is everything too. It will be very hard to convince anyone to buy a used LS or any other off brand unless you practically give it away.

I have two Kubota's and have no issues, great service too. Townline-AngusApr 11, Apr 11, 6.Page of Go. Page 42 - Hydraulic System Diagram - Mechanical ty Page 99 - Notices in charging the battery using se Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Page 2 Contents 1. General Notices for Safety Page 4 Contents 4. Operation and Work Page 5 Contents Page 6 1.

ls tractor 50 hour service

See Fig. Page 8 Safety Precautions - read this for safety before using. Page 9 Tire air pressure, Wheel bolts, Toe-in, Electrical wirings, other items related to safety. Contact your authorized dealer.

If not, it may cause a reduction of product life, failure and serious injury. Page 10 Safety Structure : For the safety of the driver, various protection structures are attached on the tractor. If these structures are changed or detached by user arbitrarily, it may cause serious accident. Such behaviors are prohibited strictly and void the warranty. The poisonous exhaust gas may cause serious injury to the human body.

If you should work in this area, make sure to ventilate well and put on the protective mask. Page 12 Obey the traffic rules while driving on public roads.

Do not exceed the local legal speed limit. Use a sign beacon or slow moving vehicle SMV to indicate that the vehicle is slow moving. If you can not drive the tractor due to a failure, move the tractor to a safe place and install troubled vehicle safety tripod.

Page 13 4 Notices when connecting Implement Attach or detach the implement on wide and level ground. Do not stand between tractor and implement.

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Use hitch or drawbar for towing. Do not tow by connecting with any other structures. When connecting heavy implements, apply the parking brake and use the wheel chock. Page 14 6 Notices when transporting the tractor When transporting the tractor by truck, trailer, etc, use suitable equipment or facilities to load or unload the tractor.Page of Go.

Page 20 Page 21 - Notices when connecting Implement Page 22 - Notices when towing the tractor Page 23 - Notices when servicing the tractor after Quick Links. Table of Contents. Envi- ronmental Protection Agency.

Warranty coverage Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Electronic control units. The parts below also included in the evaporative emission gas related components: 1.

Fuel Tank. Fuel Cap.

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Fuel Line. Fuel Line Fittings. The use of alternate fuels shall not void the warranties on any engine certified to use such fuel. D Pulleys, belts and idlers. E Emission control information labels F Any other part with the primary purpose of reducing emissions or that can increase emissions during fail- ure without significantly degrading engine performance e Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Page 8: Table Of Contents Contents 1. General Notices for Safety Page 9 Contents 3. Instruments and Controls Page 10 Contents 4. Operation and Work Page General Notices For Safety 1. You must take the necessary precautions to always be aware of the possible presence of bystanders, certainly when maneuvering in confined areas. Keep people away from the tractor during work.We have put together some helpful tips and facts about our Talon tractors Discontinuedregarding general maintenance and operation.

It is important to follow these instructions to ensure proper performance and prolong the life of your tractor and equipment. Read operation manual before operating any equipment. Follow break-in procedure before operating under heavy loads. Avoid any moving engine and implement parts and especially the PTO shaft Death or serious injury could occur. Only operate the tractor or implement while seated and never from outside the tractor.

Avoid turning sharply at higher speeds or with heavy loads. Reduce speed with implements attached as they add significant weight and can cause damage when bouncing. Look for and tighten any loose bolts or nuts.

Do not operate if fluid levels or tire pressure are low. Hold key to H-position heater to warm glow plugs, seconds is needed for cold starts but holding them on too long can damage them. To shut off, pull the fuel shut off rod pull to stop.

Never turn the starter for more than 10 seconds as it can cause premature wear and even cause starter failure. Using the glow plugs for every cold start prolongs the life of your starter and promotes easier starting. All tractors have been run for several hours to ensure proper operation.

The necessary fluids and filters have been changed and are ready for the running-in procedure. Do not idle tractor under rpm before run-in is complete. Once the break-in is completed check the following for proper operation:.

Check if the clutch is operating properly. Check if shifting gears and ranges is normal should not be any automatic gear disengagement or gears locking. Check if brakes are operating properly. Check if all gauges and instruments are working. Any abnormalities or failures in the above list should be fixed prior to further use. Performing general maintenance is crucial for the longevity and proper performance on new tractors and implements.

Please be sure to strictly follow this maintenance schedule. Monthly or every hours - shift maintenance. Clean dirt and grease off the tractor and implements.Years in Business: Overview of BBB Ratings. Average of 3 Customer Reviews. View Complaints Summary. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. Desired Outcome. What do you think? Share your review. Ray D. Read More. BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes.

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ls tractor 50 hour service

I purchased a LS K tractor that broke down within 50 hours of purchase. Every repair performed was denied by the company. The tractor currently has hours, almost new and using my mechanical skills, I have discovered that the original malfunction was due to a faulty pre-fuel pump.

Repeated complaints produced no results from the company. Read 3 More Complaints. Customer Reviews 3 Customer Reviews. LS HC.The mte is a great tractor and LS customer service is top of the line.

I am sure glad I bought an LS instead of the cheap plastic Deere tractor again. It is nice to have a tractor that is not made of plastic. The dealership was sold to the new owner, [redacted] around November of I have had consistent warranty issues to the point I have not been able to use my tractor safely. It has failed for safety issues, hydraulic leak issues, no power issues, broken joy stick for the front end loader, the backhoe has had to be welded two times, the parking brakes had to be worked on three different times, and some other issues.

I've also found large bolts in a field where I knew I used only this tractor. I've tried to work the [redacted], and with LS the tractor manufacturing company. I've told them this tractor is a lemon by North Carolina laws, but they continue to force me to keep this tractor even with all the repair issues.

LS Tractor G3033 Operator's Manual

Neither [redacted] nor the people at LS would want a junk tractor they've paid that much for, so why should I be stuck with it? In addition, I want the interest I paid while I had a loan on the tractor and equipment. I have asked [redacted] and LS tractor company representatives to refund my money, and they continue to ignore me. They want me to keep a second quality tractor instead of being forthright and honest.

This complaint appears to have 6 accusations made in the attempt to prove some fault on the part of the tractor. It would be best to address each accusation one at a time.

#46 Goodbye John Deere! Which tractor did i buy? RK 37, Branson 3015, LS XR3135

The dealership was sold to the new owner,[redacted] around November of I have had 1 consistent warranty issues to the point I have not been able to use my tractor safely. It has failed for safety issues, 2 hydraulic leak issues, 3 no power issues, 4 broken joy stick for the front end loader, 5 the backhoe has had to be welded two times, the 6 parking brakes had to be worked on three different times, and some other issues. I've also found large bolts in a field see explanation 5, below where I knew I used only this tractor.

I've tried to work the[redacted], and with LS the tractor manufacturing company. Neither[redacted] nor the people at LS would want a junk tractor they've paid that much for, so why should I be stuck with it? Both contain maintenance and inspections but only one part has been claimed.

ls tractor 50 hour service

It wasn't declared as defective but replaced as a safety precaution. There is no indication it was broken and no parts order to support the customer allegation. The operator's manual clearly defines the instructions for checking loose bolts and as a maintenance requirement list, to re-torque bolts every 25 hours. There is also a decal on the entry side of the backhoe reminding the operator to inspect the backhoe daily for loose bolts and pins.

Obviously, the instructions in the manual and on the safety decal were not followed. This is a quick-attach backhoe, not a permanent mount. It is designed to be removed as any other implement. No bolts or pins are intended to permanently attach the backhoe to the tractor. The park brake cable has been replaced as a safety precaution but has not been found to be defective.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register.

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Daddy always said best people to talk to are those who have been down that road before. I just came up on my 50 hour service for my LS UC. Does anyone know the generic part number crossovers for the oil and hydraulic filters? Engine is Mitsubishi 4 cylinder S4Q. I went to wix and napa sites and could not find crossovers? Thanks for help, Firemankent.

Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by firemankent. New to site.

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Re: 50hr Service- filters for LS UC I am pretty sure if you look in the sticky needed thread there are various part numbers for the filters in different brands. I was able to get the oil filter but not the hydro. I Have an extra oil filter at the shop from napa I think that i can go read the number on tommorrow if you need it.

My new u will be arriving this week so I am looking for filters for my 50 hour when it comes around. Thanks again. Speaking of your tractor firemankent, what do you think of your tractor thus far?

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